The future of video recording with Patent Pending SnipBack technology

  • No more missing THE moment
  • Share videos without the fluff!
  • End of useless video clips
  • Entirely new approach to video editing

Join the revolution…..SnipBack!

The Power of the SnipBack!

Introducing our exclusive patent pending SnipBack feature, which integrates DVR-like functionality within the record button. Just like with DVR’s, SnipBack allows you to go back in time to see what you’ve missed, and include that past video in your final clip!

How Does SnipBack Work?

Just like DVR’s, SnipBack is always recording in the background, but with one caveat, that it discards everything older than 60 seconds (note: this buffer user definable). In this way, every recording you make has extra “SnipBack” video footage to draw from, should you need it. The App then discards all this extra footage over time so that it doesn’t take up storage space, unless of course you specify that you want to keep it. This approach also enables our unique Swipe-to-SnipBack recording method, where you wait for an action to happen first, and then record into the past! For example, watching a soccer game and recording a goal after it already happened! Or watching a basketball game and capturing a great play that happened without any warning. With SnipBack, you just swipe the record button to the left and it automatically captures the past 5 seconds of video; users can then further add more video from the buffer if desired, as well as alter the default SnipBack setting (e.g. change from 5 seconds to 10 seconds).

The Worlds Most Powerful Record Button!

Tap w/ SnipBack

This mode allows you to record as usual by tapping the record button to start and stop recording. But unlike traditional recording,....

Press & Hold w/ SnipBack

This mode is similar to the Tap method, but is designed for recording short videos, one after the other. Just press and hold the record button....

Swipe to SnipBack

On many occasions you may want to capture an action or event AFTER it's already complete. For example, let's say your friend wants you to record....

Video Cropping Made Simple

Using the same innovative approach of using thumbnails to select your SnipBack amount, users can easily crop the beginning and/or end of the video as well....

Pure HD Quality Without Compromise

SnipBack supports the highest resolution available on your device, and seamlessly integrates with your phone’s built-in photo and video gallery....

Exclusive Share and Drop Feature

When using our on-the-fly SnipBack preview screen, the user can immediately review the video, adjust the video start point via our thumbnail selection method,....

Maintaining Your All Costs

A unique feature of the SnipBack approach is to maintain the source video at all costs. Each adjustment of the beginning or end of a video is done virtually. What this means is that you will never be locked into such changes, and not have to create a new copy of the video every time you want another version of it; this not only saves storage space on your device, but makes changes quick and seamless. And if you ever wanted to share this virtual version, SnipBack would create a temporary file in the background, thus giving you all the benefits without the typical hassles. For example, you can record a lengthy speech at a wedding, but want to just share a small 30 second portion of it; with SnipBack you just trim the video to the desired 30 seconds, save as a draft which creates a virtual version, then share it. That’s it! SnipBack does all the work in the background, while saving your valuable storage space.

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