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  • Entirely new approach to video editing!

The Power of the

Introducing our exclusive Patented SnipBack feature, which integrates DVR-like functionality within your record button. Just like with DVR’s, SnipBack allows you to go back in time to see what you’ve missed, allowing you to include that past video into your final clip! Beyond this defining feature, SnipBack has over 20 additional groundbreaking features including our unbelievably simple and Patented Cut Zone video editing technology. Learn more about some of our core features such as Cut Zone, QuickBack, SnapBack, and GalleryIQ below.

The Future of
Recording Today!

We here at SnipBack are certain that our approach to video recording will one day be the norm. It’s just a matter of time. The common practice of starting to record early so as to avoid missing memorable moments, or trying to anticipate exactly the right time to tap that record button…those days are over now with SnipBack. Just wait for the action to develop, and when you know the time is right, start recording. Don’t worry about missing anything, because with SnipBack you always have the option to go back in time and add what you may have missed. By default, our SnipBack buffer will allow you to go back up to 1 minute into the past, and if you want to go back further you can do that too!

Just Swipe to Record!

Our innovative Swipe-to-Record options leverage SnipBack technology to make capturing highlights super easy. For example, just swipe left after a highlight to use our QuickBack feature. QuickBack will record the last 5 seconds, which makes it perfect for capturing someone scoring a goal, making a basket, or doing a trick. Want to make finding a special QuickBack video easier in the future? Then just swipe up instead and use our QuickBack with On-The-Fly Tagging. How about if you want to go a little further into the past? Swipe down and use our QuickBack with On-The-Fly Tweaking which lets you set the precise start point you want! And it’s not just videos, you can actually swipe right to use our SnapBack Photo capturing feature to scan the last 10 seconds for the perfect photos.

As we said, with SnipBack you get the future today!

Join the Revolution…..SnipBack!

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Gallery IQ
– Just Smarter

A smarter gallery with tags, filters, versions, visual grouping, and smart badges. Ideas so powerfully simple, you wonder what took so long.

Tags and Filtering: Apply tags like color tags to videos to make them easier to locate in the future. Not only will a color badge appear on the gallery thumbnail, but you can filter by the tag(s) as well. Add audio tags that play before/after a video to add a dynamic element, whether it’s a playful introduction or a coaches instruction.

Versions with Grouping: Save multiple versions, and SnipBack’s GalleryIQ will assign version numbers and keep them together in one scrollable row.

Social Media Badges: If you share your video via email, SMS, FaceBook, or Instagram, SnipBack will place the corresponding social media badge on that video’s thumbnail. No more wondering if you already shared a video or not!.

Native Gallery Integration:All your videos and photos are automatically saved in your native gallery, allowing SnipBack to easily integrate with how you already work.

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