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Powerful Multi-Camera Platform that Amplifies Your Film

Live Clipping & Tagging

Watch the game, not your screen! Use our game remote to bookmark after any play and we’ll generate a 10 second clip (8 seconds in the past, 2 seconds in the future). You can also add audio notes and color tags to all your bookmarks. View game footage and bookmarks easily after the game, as well as share highlight reels (based on your bookmarks) and individual clips easily

Live Whiteboarding

Use our iPad App to whiteboard both Live and OnDemand games. Simply tap our whiteboard button, then watch, talk, and draw. Teaching has never been so simple. Tap Share, and we’ll generate and send the video of the whiteboard to whoever you choose

HD Stream Live & OnDemand

We use pure MPEG-4 streaming, which means everything is streamed in pure HD. No more pixelation and blurs. Unlike others, if your Internet is bad, we buffer the stream instead of reduce the quality. Quality of the film is top priority! And as an added bonus, once uploaded to the cloud, footage is removed from your device…so no more running out of storage!

Highlight Reels

Highlight reels are automatically generated based upon your bookmarks and emailed to you after the game. You can then use our website or iPad App to watch entire game footage, edit your bookmarks, and regenerate new highlight reels anytime.


You can add as many recorders to a game as you’d like, and all those views are seamlessly uploaded and synced. When watching film you can simply alternate vantage points by tapping a button. When combined with our Clipping feature, you can select a preferred view for each clip


Share game film, highlight reels, whiteboards, and individual clips easily via your devices native sharing options. To make sharing even easier, each game, highlight reel, and clip has its own custom all you have to do is share the link

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